Cadet Pro Tips

Pro Tips...What you wished someone had told you before being in CAP for a while...

1.  CAP Form 31:  Every time a member goes to an encampment, special activity, or overnight event they must  complete a CAP Form 31 and have it signed by the squadron commander.  This is required for insurance purposes.

2.  CAP Form 32:  Every time a cadet member goes to an activity or exercise outside the normal meeting place, they must have a completed CAP Form 32.  The top half of the form is for parents to keep and the bottom half gets turned in to the supervising senior at the event.

3.  Finding out about Wing Activities:  Subscribe to the Wing Mailing Lists to find out about events and activities as soon as they're announced.  We highly recommend that you sign up for "Announcements", "Group 3 (our group) Mailing list", and "St Paul Mailing List" as a minimum.  Another way to spot upcoming events is to go to the Wing Calendar Page.

4.  National Cadet Special Activities:  The first step to being selected to attend an NCSA activity is to attend Encampment.  If you miss Minnesota Wing Encampment, there are Encampment options available in other Wings.  Applications for Summer NCSAs are accepted from 1 December to 15 January.  Applications for Winter NCSAs are accepted from 15 September to 15 October.  See here for more information.

5.  Cadet Super Chart  Nearly everything you would want to know about the Cadet Program is graphically depicted on the Super Chart.

6.  Cadet Tracker: A handy way to keep track of your promotion progress. It's sort of like a mini "Cadet Super Chart" that's tailor-made for the individual cadet. CAP VA 52-101

7.  Got Free Time?   You Could Work On These Courses:
ISR Radio Module:
Basic Instructor's Course:
Basic ORM: