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Farnsworth Aerospace & Engineering Day 2017
Farnsworth Aerospace & Engineering Day 2017

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10 Aug 2017:  Change of Command.  Refreshments will be served.

19 Aug 2017:  133rd ANG Family Day

24-27 Aug 2017:  Ground Team Academy at Camp Ripley.  Advance your ground team skills and rating; those with no qualifications can earn GTM3.  Must have GES prior to the Academy.  Cost is $30.  Contact Lt Col Joel Stepanek at jmstep0075@comcast.net if you are interested in registering.

3-5 Nov 2017:  North Central Region Cadet Honor Academy will teach the finer points of Air Force-style drill and ceremonies for cadets interested in Color Guard and Honor Guard activities.  Will be at Camp Ripley at a cost of $35.  Interested cadets should complete the following survey form:  https://goo.gl/forms/ESNPDwX8gRIaUIEh2

16 Dec 2017  Wreaths Across America

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recent promotions & awards

Date Name Promotion/Award
29 Mar 2016 Allan Clapp Level 1
29 Mar 2016 Phillip Messner Level 1
10 Apr 2016 Allan Clapp 2nd Lt
24 Aug 2016 Phillip Messner 2nd Lt
29 Sep 2016 Bryce Johnson Level 1
10 Feb 2017 Bryce Johnson 2nd Lt
23 Feb 2017 Joseph Blake Gen J F Curry